Individual Bios

Music has always been a part of K’s life.  Her mother sang to her and her sisters when they were babies and like little birds they sang back.  K sang at home, in church, on road trips and in the school choirs.  Her formative years were spent singing harmony with her sisters. Time moved on and although K sang to her daughter and also instilled a love of music in her, music became secondary as she raised a family, pursued a career in graphics and opened an art gallery.  In August of 2006, Brad came into K’s life bringing music and harmony with him.  When Brad & Mark decided to expand the duo, they brought K in to add percussion and fill out the harmonies.  The joy that "shuffling" brings to K’s life makes her so glad they did.
Denise was raised in a musical family and played instruments as a child. She first learned to play violin with her brother and her father. She is familiar with multiple musical instruments besides the bass guitar. Some of these instruments include violin, banjo, ukulele, mandolin. Her taste in music is eclectic and her major musical influences are classic rock and blue grass. Denise is a retired Assistant Professor of Nursing and is a retired Registered Nurse.

Brad’s love affair with music began at a young age.  Although early influences are too numerous to list, Bob Dylan and the Beatles inspired him to pick up the guitar.  Brad is self taught and over the years has grown to enjoy a wide and diverse range of music and styles.  He has played with several bands and many people throughout his life. The Soft Shoe Shufflers satisfy his acoustic side and his love for the acoustic guitar. 
Mark began playing guitar in his teens, putting it aside during his career in the corporate world. After an early retirement, Mark was able to renew his love affair with guitars and began to perform in classic and oldies rock bands. Mark has since begun playing an acoustic guitar again and vocalizing with Brad. He is able to put his technical education to use in the repair and set-up of guitars and also in the development and hand fabrication of custom guitars from scratch. Mark considers it a privilege to play guitar and harmonize with his friends. He is primarily influenced by top 40 music from the mid 60’s, 70’s and 80's including the British Invasion and country rock from the 70’s and 80’s.


Please note that all music heard on this site is from live performances of The Soft Shoe Shufflers.