About The Soft Shoe Shufflers

We provide live, acoustic, soft rock songs from the 60's through today, that make people feel good.

We are a band based in Rockford, Illinois:

      K Dyer-Stein Vocals & percussion
      Denise Boxleitner  Vocals & bass guitar
      Mark Hayes Vocals & guitar
      Brad Stein Vocals, guitar, mandolin & harmonica


Our songs range from mellow to upbeat. They are carefully chosen so that people will remember. We tailor the order of songs to meet the needs of your audience. People will quickly recognize the songs, relax, and relate to what we play. People will feel good. The Soft Shoe Shufflers are live entertainment that you primarily listen to. We are not a dance band, but people may get up and dance. More than likely, they will sway in their seats. We are specifically designed to perform suitable background music for restaurants, art galleries, wineries, festivals, markets, grand openings, taverns, deck or patio gatherings, parties or occasions of any kind. We do a minimum of talking, but when we do, we relate to the audience in the best of taste.

The group began as a single person act, when Brad began to play guitar instrumental background music primarily for art gallery openings and other quiet events. Brad asked Mark to join him and the dynamics of additional guitar and vocals were added forming The Soft Shoe Shufflers. K joined the duo later, filling out the harmonies and adding light percussion. Denise joined the trio in 2019, adding additional vocals and bass. 

Over the years we have learned some things about performing well. The Soft Shoe Shufflers are a professional act. We play the finest instruments and use state of the art equipment. We can play anywhere, including on a moving hay wagon because we can provide our own power with an inverter generator, if an electrical outlet is not available.

We believe that the customer is 'king'. We are reliable, prompt, courteous and polite. We fit into a small space and require about 30 minutes to load in and set up. We are available for up to 3 hours, but will play for as little as an hour. You decide what works best and we will do it.

We will play at a volume that you choose and that enables conversation. 

We realize that you are hiring us for something special. We are happy to do whatever it takes to make it easy on you. If need be, we can set up early so that set up does not distract from your special event. We can provide posters for you, if you like. If we have enough notice, we are open to learning a song or 2 that might be important to you. We will do whatever is necessary to make your event fun and memorable for all involved. Just let us know how we can help.

We hope you will enjoy working with us and listening to our performance.

Thank you very much for considering The Soft Shoe Shufflers. 

Please note that all music heard on this site is from live performances of The Soft Shoe Shufflers.